Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The election is over but your vote still counts, Seattle!

We want to give our signature pie a new name with 
Seattle flair and we need your help!  

How can you help? Visit our Facebook Page and post with your favorite!

What if my favorite wins? We'll collect the names of each person who votes for the winner and enter them into a raffle. The winner will receive a 9" buttermilk pie from Yippie-Pie-Yay!

What the deuce is buttermilk pie?
Our Buttermilk Pie may be an old Texas favorite but this rich, creamy pie is the perfect compliment to coffee (hello, Seattle!), tea, or frankly, any other beverage. Its inherent sweetness is a nice contrast to your favorite drink!
You could win a pie!
This is a slice of buttermilk pie. It is amazing. You need to eat it. Like, yesterday.

We even like it with a frosty pint of our favorite beer! (Wink, wink!)

Our favorite partner for buttermilk pie!
This may or may not be our favorite Seattle brew. Just kidding. Anyone who knows us knows it's definitely our favorite.
Go to our Facebook page to cast your vote for your favorite name!

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