Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yippie-Pie-Yay Batch #2

As I might have mentioned, the true pie magician behind YPY is Courtney.  When she added a new recipe for peach bourbon pie to our menu, I had to try it immediately! Unfortunately, I'm in Austin right now so I was forced to either wait or strap on my own apron.  I'm short on patience so when it started to rain on Saturday (finally), out came the apron and the bourbon!

Courtney was kind enough to bolster my confidence and walk me through the hard parts...O.K., all the parts.  The smell of the fresh peaches from my local farmer's market while I was slicing them up was amazing.  I didn't think it could get any better until I added the bourbon and mixed the filling. Lord and Sugah... don't that smell good?
I tried to busy myself as best I could while the pie baked up. I watched some college football, did my nails, and gave Izee a bath. I didn't remember any phrase about a watched pie never baking, so I peeked at it A LOT. Finally, that timer went off and it was ready! (to cool). Arrggghhh.

I hustled through the rain to the mailbox and chit-chatted with a neighbor. I couldn't wait any longer. Since I don't have a proper pie cutting tool, I decided on a pizza wheel and sliced myself a very large golden helping, poured a cold glass of milk and sat down for a taste. Hallelujah! Y'all have got to try this.