Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yippie-Pie-Yay Batch #1

Pie has been a frequent topic of conversation between Courtney and I for a long time. In St. Thomas. we both managed watersports rentals on opposite sides of the island. Really, "watersports rentals" meant that we sat in a beach hut and handed out towels. Every once in a while, someone would rent a kayak and get into trouble which required a harrowing trip in a half inflated dinghy to rescue them and the kayak. But Tuesdays were special. On Tuesdays, there was always a beach party at the Beach Club near Courtney's hut.  Tuesdays required double staffing so we got to work together. While sipping through our stash of beer,  we talked about what we would be doing if we weren't sitting in the caribbean getting tan. Courtney's mantra was always "I just want to make pies".  I'm too undisciplined for baking but do love to cook and I do love pie! Those were good times and out of those times Yippie Pie Yay was truly born.

So... here we are several years later.  My lazy days at the Elysian beach hut have been replaced by devout dedication to the State of Texas and its citizenry and Courtney's with molding young minds. Pie was still waiting in the background until... bless you Seattle, you passed the Cottage Act! Is it possible that we can really just make delicious pies? Yes we can and yes we will. We're filing paperwork and perfecting the menu.  The first batches have come out of the oven and will soon be ready for you.