Friday, March 1, 2013

Introducing Maslow's Level 1

Yippie-Pie-Yay launches new signature pie Maslow's Level 1

Maslow's Level 1 was suggested and emerged as the front runner almost immediately after we decided to rename our signature pie. It's true that we know a lot of teachers (Courtney was one once). It is also true that Maslow's Level 1 doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Still, we think Maslow's Level 1 is a perfect fit. (Because really, what doesn't fit with pie?!)

The original Maslow's Hierarchy
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a psychological theory authored by Abraham Maslow in his book Motivation and Personality. His studies of what motivated people led him to the belief that there are five basic levels of things that humans need, but you won't be able to reach the highest level (self-actualization) until your needs in all of the lower levels have been met. His theory is presented visually as a pyramid (how convenient that a slice of pie is also triangular... hmmm) with the lowest level,  Level 1, focusing on the basic physiological needs of humans. This includes air to breathe, water to drink, and food (pie!) to eat. (Basically, you're not going to have very much confidence -- Level 4 -- if you don't have any grub in your belly -- Level 1.)

So, I ask you: Have you eaten today? More importantly: Have you eaten pie today?

By adding pie into this first level, you get the added benefit of breathing in the delicious scent of fresh baked pie, the pure joy of savoring every last bite and washing it down with the perfectly paired beverage of your choosing. See our recommendations at the end of this post.

In fact, behind the scenes, we now think of our signature pie as Maslow's Level 1 through 5, fulfilling all levels of your Pie-archy needs!
The new and improved Maslow's Pie-archy
Level 1: Physiological - eat (pie)!
Level 2: Safety - eat (pie) at home!
Level 3: Love/Belonging - share (pie) with friends!
Level 4: Esteem - I finished it (pie)!
Level 5: Self-Actualization - Get more (pie) because it makes me feel so good!

To introduce Maslow's Level 1, we are announcing a special that will run for the entire month of March!
$5 off every Maslow's Level 1 9" whole pie.

If you are still not sure that our Maslow's Level 1 will fulfill your basic physiological need for pie, try any pie from our menu in March and get one dozen sample-sized (we call them Yippies) Maslow's Level 1 pies to try.

We guarantee you'll be hooked after just one bite! This is good for you, because the Yippies are about the size of one bite, which leaves you with 11 more delicious bites to savor.

See our home page for more information.

Oh yeah. I promised recommendations for pie pairings. I'll keep it simple. Espresso, cappuccino, or any coffee the way you like it is the perfect complement to our Maslow's Level 1. As mentioned previously, we love a pitcher of Manny's with any of our other delicious pies.